STEFANO RICCI, KING FOR A DAY Presentation of the S/S 2020 Collection at the Reggia di Caserta


Stefano Ricci




Reggia di Caserta

presentation S/S 2020, reggia di caserta, stefano ricci
About This Project

A search for beauty characterises the new Lookbook by the Florentine fashion house. It is accompanied by a vision of tree-lined avenues and the gentle flow of water in the pool of Venus, and the feeling of time standing still in the Court theatre.

This is a new chapter in a journey, which each season renews its message of exclusivity, and a vocation to ethics as the dogma that lies behind every action. It is in this palace, which so bewitched the cosmopolitan man Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his Italian Journey, that values are rediscovered, uniquely portraying the message of elegance instilled in every piece made by STEFANO RICCI.